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What to Know Before You Come to the Studio

Recording time is based around $45 for the first hour and $30/hr after that. Detailed pricing can be found when scheduling with the studio.  For detailed pricing and to book a session, click here!

Our booking is automated for your convenience and ease of use. All you need to do is select the type of session you want to book, select the date and time you want, and put down any required deposit. You'll receive a confirmation to the email you provide and your engineer will receive a notification as well. Click this text to book a Session

Mixing is a complex art and one of the most important factors of a great song. When you rush this process, quality is sacrificed. Since we never want to sacrifice the quality of your music, mixing is not included in the price of recording. Let us give your songs the time they deserve and you'll definitely be satisfied with the result

Mixing is the process of taking all of the individual recorded takes and instrumental parts and blending them together, balancing volume, dynamics, frequencies, and more.

Mastering takes a mixed song and instead of looking at individual elements of the song, it focuses on the song as a whole, adjusting things like loudness, low end, or high end.

Talk to us to see how we can transform your music with mixing and mastering.

Our engineers have more than 25 years of experience working in music, spanning a broad range of genres, styles, and techniques. Whether its Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, or even Podcasts, Audiobooks, or Voiceovers, we're confident that your experience at TDRS will be exceptional and memorable.

We have a collection of sounds in our Audio Gallery.  Check out the sample below - see what mixing and mastering does for your sound.

We accept most forms of money transfer. We can accomodate cash, credit/debit cards, Zelle, Cash App, Paypal, Google Pay, and more.

Smoking is not allowed in our facilities

Bundle and Save!

Single Recording

The Next Great Single Recording
$ 225
  • 2 Hours of Recording in Studio
  • Professional Mixing & Mastering
  • 1 Complete Song Ready for Market
Most Popular

Extended Recording

Bring Your Songs - Let's Make Music!
$ 765
  • 8 Hours of Recording in Studio
  • Professional Mixing & Mastering
  • 4 Fully Mixed & Mastered Songs

Album Recording

Time To Go BIG With an Album
$ 2150
  • 20 Hours of Recording in Studio
  • Professional Mixing & Mastering
  • Up to 10 Songs Ready for Market

Why The Dreamcatchers*?

We take your dreams and make them a reality with professional studio services in audio recording and production, mixing, and mastering.  It’s your sound, let’s make it music together.

The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio can help you realize your passion for music and share your sound with the world. Our studio is a low pressure, quiet, comfortable environment that sets the “stage” for your production.  We know when to jump in and provide our expertise in making great works, but also when to sit back and allow you to paint your canvas the way you want it. We can help you make the most of your studio time and transform your sound into a masterpiece.  

Here's How We Work

Keep it Simple!  Audio recording and production is a lot of work.  It should also be a lot of fun.  We work to make it easy to book, record, mix, master and get to your listeners.  Here’s a quick overview of what to expect.


Production is the process of managing technology and studio tools to prepare for recording. Production can include reviewing lyrics, music selections and more.


Every recording session is a private session. Each artist has our individual attention. Our profession mic selection and professional tools will capture you in the best way possible

Mixing & Mastering

We take your raw recorded tracks and blend them using state-of-the-art techniques into clean polished mixes. We then take those mixes and prepare them for wherever your tracks could possibly end up with high-quality mastering

Market Ready

Talk to us about visuals to match with your tracks by working with our talented and professional photographers and videographers.

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