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The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio Columbus Ohio Offers A Comprehensive Suite of Studio Services in Mixing, Mastering, Recording and Production.

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What Is the Difference Between Mixing and Mastering?

What is the difference between mixing and mastering? You’ve just finished recording the next big hit and now its time for mixing and mastering. Most artists understand the concept of mixing and how it works. Most artists do NOT understand the concept of mastering or even what it is. But don’t feel bad, many recording or mixing engineers don’t even fully understand it.

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The EQ Essentials

Everything you hear is made from a combination of frequencies. Sounds bounces around and interacts with your environment in many ways before reaching your ear (or microphone). Some say that the best way to get a great natural mix is to make things recorded with a microphone sounds the same as they would naturally in a real acoustic setting. For this purpose we can use an Equalizer, or EQ, to manipulate those frequencies to sound more natural.

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Compressors: Demystified

Compressors are usually used on almost every track in a mix session. Every compressor does the same thing in different ways, so once you learn one, you’ve learned them all. I’ll walk you through the basics of some of the settings that you will come across using various compressors.