Lauren McClinton (She/Her)

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Q: Where are you from and where are you based now?
A: I’m from LA and I’m now based in Nashville

Q: When and how did you get into music?
A: I’ve loved music and sang my whole life but I got the motivation to pursue it as a career after I got my masters from Lipscomb University. I told my parents, “After grad school I’m quitting my full time jobs and I have to pursue music.” I had never been able to put my full 100% effort into music because of school so this was my time to do it. I literally just networked and took gigs around Nashville until I found a group of friends that I now call family who are all on the same page as me! We go by “Per$ona”. We all not only encourage and push each other to be better but we also keep each other accountable when it comes to real life things and the quality of our music.

Q: Do you have a message or mission that you and your music represent?
A: I just want to be a vessel. That’s it; that’s my goal. One of my jobs on this Earth is to use the gift the Lord gave me to inspire, encourage, and bring people joy with my music! Every day I try my best to do that and I love it.

Q: What are some notable points in your career
A: A few notable points in my career so far have been opening up for India Arie and the Jubilee Singers at the Ryman Auditorium. I also loved going on tour with Lennon Stella as her background vocalist. Opening up for Tank at City Winery was amazing as well. Something that brought me so much joy was releasing my first debut EP “DAWN” ( which has really shown people my writing, vocal production, and just overall my heart. I’m so proud of that project.

Q: What is your experience working with The Dreamcatchers Recording Studio?
A: I truly love [The] Dreamcatchers* [Recording] Studio. I’ve known [Rizo] for a long time! He’s one of the people who really got me started in Nashville. Being able to go from recording at his studio in his apartment In Nashville to traveling and experiencing what Dreamcatchers Studio is now is just a blessing to witness. Every time I visit [The] Dreamcatchers* [Recording] Studio, they not only help me make hits, but I’m literally the most comfortable I’ve ever been in a studio environment. The hospitality, vibes, and quality of sound is 10/10 and I’m not being biased! I really mean that.