Professional Audio Video Recording Services

Engineering & Production Services

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Audio Recording

Your time in our studio is precious to you and it is precious to us.  We want every artist to have the best experience in Columbus from a recording studio.  We offer a relaxed, comfortable and clean environment.  A place for you to focus, meditate and then find your best sound.  Whether you book 30 minutes with us or a week with us, every session is important; every sound is carefully recorded; and every moment is captured for your production.

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Audio Mixing

Our professional Mixing Service brings your tracks together from multiple recordings into a single recording and balancing the tracks to create a singular harmony. We optimize your multi-track recordings by adjusting levels, panning and time-based audio effects like reverb, chorus and delay. The result is a perfectly balance audio recording.

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Audio Mastering

The Mastering process allows us to unify the sound quality of your recording by equalizing, compressing or limiting to “sweeten” the sound and make it consistent within and across tracks. High quality mastering smoothes out inconsistencies to produce a high quality soundtrack.

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Audio Production

Audio Production is not about engineering music, it’s about the entire process from writing songs, to selecting music, evaluating tools and sets and methods, commercial-grade microphones.  Audio Production includes managing the ins and outs of magnetic recording, signal processing, and the signal flow and operation of large-format professional recording consoles, including hands-on recording and automated mix.

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Video & Photography

While working in the studio, you can have your work photographed and recorded in a documentary format to help you put together a music video or cover photo.  Our professional photography and videography solutions include covers, music videos, and social media ready images for your files.

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