Audio Mastering Services

Mastering for the Perfect Sound

Our Audio Mastering Services allows us to unify the sound quality of your recording by equalizing, compressing or limiting to “sweeten” the sound and make it consistent within and across tracks. High quality mastering smoothes out inconsistencies to produce a high quality soundtrack.

The Science & Engineering of Mastering

Audio Engineering includes Mastering Sound.  For the “off the shelf” software you can turn some dials, press some buttons and you get a purely digital rendition.  For everyone else, this is where analog and digital come together to produce the most vibrant, balanced and harmonious sound.  There is a reason they  call it “Mastering.”


Use Your Inside Voice

Lower the level of the loudest parts in your mix to reduce the overall dynamic range, the difference between the loudest and quietest sections of a recording.


Find Your Balance

(EQ) is one of the primary tools in the mastering toolkit. EQ adds warmth, “air,” and tonal balance. EQ can also be used to correct problems like overly loud frequencies that pop out and overwhelm the rest of the mix.


Harmonious Distortion

Driving sounds through tape, tubes, transistors, and circuits have long been an essential ingredient in great-sounding mixes. Saturation is a subtle form of distortion that adds pleasant-sounding harmonics.

Stereo Enhancement

Stereo Sound Development

Stereo Enhancement is a technique using a single stereo file. Stem enhancement is a technique  using multiple instrument groups (stems ). Stereo enhancement is the stereo sound and loudness of the recording.


Time to Level Up

A limiter allows you to bring up the level without allowing the peaks to clip. Modern mastering is extremely precise in catching peaks and setting a ceiling to control the sound wave and provide a more consistent, enjoyable sound.

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