Audio Production Services

End to End Audio Recording Production

The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio offers a comprehensive Audio Production service.  Our engineers ensure microphones are placed correctly to capture audio, we maintain the soundproof booth and the other tools to capture your sound.  We also offer assistance in songwriting, arranging, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering for a seamless end-to-end service.

Every artist has unique needs and brings a unique sound.  Our Audio Production Services help you transform your sound into professional-quality music for generations to enjoy.


Studio Quality Audio Production from End to End

What is the difference between a studio and doing it yourself?  Getting it right – from end to end.  Microphone positioning can result in a varied sound collected from your voice or musical instruments.  Soundproofing helps negate the background noise that you cannot completely remove in your home or office.  And then there is a professional, methodical approach to collecting tracks, weaving sounds together, and transforming them into a harmonious audio file.  Is the difference that big?  It is to us.


Lyrics, rhyme, rhythm

Assisting with lyrics, rhyme and rhythm to help you connect with your desired audience and leave a big impression.


A Place for Everything

Arranging covers lyrics, introduction, and tenure, instruments being used and when they enter, instrumental breaks, when the song should build, and the decrescendo to the song and how it ends. 


Creative Assembly of a Song

The recording brings together voice, instruments, microphones, cables in guitars, and virtual instruments into the capture process.  This is where the song is built.


Making & Taking Tracks

Editing is an on-going part of Recording to collect and review tracks so that Recording can complete.  It never, NEVER, never, is done in one take.


Engineering Magic

Mixing pulls tracks together with FX, reverb, delay, and other audio plugins.  All instruments and voices are heard clearly.  This is the polish on Songwriting, Arranging, Recording, and Editing.


Market Ready Audio Files

Mastering adjusts loudness, helps songs on albums be coherent, ensures instruments are heard originally recorded and mixed, and corrects mix errors.  Audio files are now market ready.

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