Audio Recording

The Dreamcatchers* Recording and Production Studio in Columbus Ohio is a professional audio and visual production studio. 

We offer a comprehensive array of Audio Recording Services that help you transition your project from concept to market. 

Our Audio Recording solutions include: Vocal Recording, Tracking, Podcast Recording, Audiobook Recording and Other Commerical Audio Recording.  Al of our recording solutions offer mixing and mastering to produce superior results.


Your time in our studio is precious to you and it is precious to us.  We want every artist to have the best experience in Columbus from a recording studio.  We offer a relaxed, comfortable and clean environment.  A place for you to focus, meditate and then find your best sound.  Whether you book 30 minutes with us or a week with us, every session is important; every sound is carefully recorded; and every moment is captured for your production.

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Record your instrumentals and vocals at the same time in a sound controlled environment and with professional commercial-grade microphones and recording equipment.

Our engineers are experienced in multiple genres and styles and can capture every inflection in your voice, every note no matter how high, how low, how sultry or how powerful.  Bring your A-Game to The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio and let’s put your sound to music.


Anyone can buy a microphone and record a podcast.  The Dreamcatchers offer recording in our comfortable studio and professional mixing and mastering for every, single episode.  We can add music transitions, opening and closing pre-recorded credits and sounds.  Mastering your Podcast will help it be ready for multiple sound systems, not just those found on most computers.  This is an essential component to having podcast that sounds as good on a desktop as it does in a car, on a phone or streaming at the gym.

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Capture the mood of the piece you are reading with our professional selection of microphones in our acoustically controlled isolation booth and mastering services to accentuate your vocals.  We can add a variety of cinematic enhancements to make your audio file take on an emotional moment with supporting music that makes a statement.  Our Audio Book Recording can be accomplished in studio or with remote engineering services.


Our recording studio allows businesses to record clear, concise, acoustically perfect tracks for a variety of uses.  We support radio ads, presentation voice-overs, video voice-overs, and anything else you can think of.  Our remote mixing and mastering can easily receive your files and return masterpieces in a short turn around.  Book a consult and find out what professional, affordable audio commercial services can do for your business.

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