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Questions about recording studios

Is Audio Recording a Profitable Industry? It is if you are good at it and keep up with current technology and trends. Quality engineering beats home service every time.

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Are Recording Studios Dying?

The audio recording industry is over 100 years old. Has the time come for it to go away? Has digital transformation killed the studio? Not quite – there will always be a professional studio for professional musicians.

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Featured Artists

Lauren McClinton

Lauren McClinton is an R&B/soul singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, who knew music was her calling from a very young age. In 2017, while earning her Master’s degree at Lipscomb University, Lauren decided to make music a full-time career, starting off with singles “Let Me Go” and “Anatomy.”

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Looking Back at TINO’s “Past Due”

With the release of Tino’s highly anticipated tape, Past Due, its time to talk about this extremely enjoyable process of recording with TINO and give my review of the project. We handled the recording, mixing, and mastering at our recording studio.

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10 Things I do with EVERY song I mix

Every song is completely different, so this is by no means the stone tablet rule on the process in which you should mix a song. Regardless of that, in every mix I do, there are a few things that I do every time.

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Studio Updates

First Time at the Studio? Check out this simple guide!

The energy that you can find in a good recording studio with a professional team, warm environment, and creative vibe is definitely unmatched. Even those who arent artists can find enjoyment from being in the studio and watching creativity come to life.

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