In the digital age we live in, it is difficult to receive a proper introduction to somebody without meeting them face to face. You may have found our Recording Studio on Google, Bing, or one of the various social media sites, but we’re a lot more than a combination of pixels on your screen. We actually go way back! Let me tell you about it!

Who are The Dreamcatchers*?

Rizo and David are childhood friends who grew up together. After meeting at a summer math camp in the fourth grade, our friendship grew for years. We began hanging out at each others house regularly playing outside, playing video games, and then one day, playing music. David originally playing piano, and Rizo originally playing guitar.

After some musical experimentation, we eventually landed on production, making (terrible) beats and honing our craft. Over the years, we got better and better until we eventually starting getting placements for beats and expanding our reach. By this time, we were getting ready to finish college.

David moved to Cincinnati to study at the University of Cincinnati, which expanded our circle to a much larger cross-section of Ohio musicians and artists. Rizo moved to Nashville, TN, to study at Fisk and Belmont Universities, where he worked with a wide range of artists from all over the US. During this time, collaboration was still strong between us. While we both continued to figure out our individual lives, The Dreamcatchers* brand grew stronger than ever due to the “Two cities, One Brand” approach.

A few years after college, we both found ourselves back in Columbus. It had always been a goal of ours to have a space to call our own where we would be able to work on music whenever we want without bothering the neighbors or our roommates/spouses. We started The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio in Reynoldsburg in April of 2019.

What’s up with the Asterisk*?

What does it mean when you a reading and you come across an asterisk? It means that there is more to come. You have to keep reading in able to see the whole story.

In addition, an asterisk is named from the Greek word for Star but also resembles a small explosion. We format our name as The Dreamcatchers* because whenever you see our name on something, you know you need to see what it’s about and that we did more than just put our name on it, we expanded it to be bigger than it was originally.

What is next for The Dreamcatchers*?

We’ll keep upgrading our current studio space and working to be with bigger and bigger artists until we outgrow our current space and find a larger space to work out of. As we grow, we’ll start providing jobs to local producers and engineers from Columbus and the surrounding area. Growth is the goal!

Stay tuned to our journey, we’re just getting started!


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